Step 14: Adding results

Published 2/1/17, 4:54 PM, by Aaron Bird

This tutorial will explain how to add results to your event.  The process can be summarised as follows:

  1. Download the result sheet template (this should be used only for the purpose of uploading back to the website)
  2. Populate the result sheet template with a time (or distance), position and/or an indication if a rider was a DNS or DNF.
  3. Upload the result sheet template back into the website to be published on the website (after approval from a CTT admin).

Upon the results successfully being published on the website, the following actions will happen automatically:

  1. Participants will be alerted via email
  2. Participants will have their LTS updated (if applicable).
  3. Your event will be moved to an “archived” status

The event life cycle is now complete